From an International Undergrad: The roll back ignores international students’ needs.

I just thought I’d share my situation with you as an international student.
I have already been at King’s for three years as an undergraduate, and as an international student my fees are significantly higher than home students, which are also subject to an increase annually. I am returning to King’s in September to do an MA and I find it appalling that on top of all the finances that I have already given to King’s, I am now being asked to pay a deposit of £2000. It’s bad enough that this deposit is double of what home students were initially asked to pay, but what makes it worse is that the rollback doesn’t apply to international students even in part (i.e. a reduction from say 2K to 1K).
Luckily, my parents were willing to help out and I was able to secure my place at King’s for the MA beginning September 2016. But what is even more appalling to me is how exclusive this deposit roll back is, and how it is limited to only home/EU students. With all the other problems that King’s has been under attack for, i.e., the treatment of BME students and faculty and so on, I think it’s disgraceful that this deposit rollback has been done only in part and does not apply to international students, especially returning ones who have already given so much in the way of finances to King’s over the period of three years!
I really think that in combination with the stricter immigration laws being implemented by the Home Office, and KCL’s own foolish policies, they’re going to lose out on international students, which is sad because King’s is known for its diversity. And I really hope they don’t reinstate the deposit next year.

Other students have raised the point that KCL shows no loyalty to returning students.
Make a difference: find out more and sign the petition.

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